Streets and Public Parking Lots

Snow removal of streets, alleys, public parking lots, and designated sidewalks is performed by the Village of Duchess as needed. Snow clearing locations are prioritized according to the Snow Removal Policy. We ask that plows and other equipment are given adequate space while clearing roads to ensure everyone’s safety. It is helpful to avoid parking on the street before significant snowfalls so we can clear as much snow as possible in front of your property.


For your safety and ours, please give snow clearing equipment room to work! 

Public Works Snow Clearing Procedure


1. Plows will clear the roadway by pushing snow into the parking lane

– This may result in an inconvenient windrow beside the sidewalk and around parked vehicles on the street.

– Crews make every effort to avoid any spillover of windrows onto sidewalks and driveways but occasionally this still occurs.
*** Spillover is unintentional and assistance from residents to clean up any snow left behind is greatly appreciated!***

– Centre Street is the exception where a windrow will be plowed toward the middle of the road before being cleared.


2. The Snowblower and trucks will start clearing the windrows in parking lanes while plows continue in other areas

– On some streets it may take a few hours after being plowed before the windrows in the parking lane are picked up.


3. Once the plows are finished, clearing will commence on pathways and the Rec Centre and Hall parking lots


4. The sanding truck will spread a mixture of salt, sand, and gravel at intersections after all windrows are removed


Thank you for your patience while we work to clean up all the snow!

Private Property

Property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks in front of their property clear. Village of Duchess bylaws state that there is a 24hr maximum grace period for property owners to clear sidewalks after a snowfall. Residents with snowblowers are encouraged to help clear their neighbours’ sidewalks.


Please don’t shovel snow or aim the discharge chute of your snowblower onto the street after we’ve cleared it