Village of Duchess Municipal Bylaws

Alberta’s Municipal Government Act enables municipalities to create and enforce bylaws specific to the municipality to maintain the safety and wellness in the community. Bylaws in Duchess are written by Council and enforced by Community Peace Officers. To report a suspected infraction or to get clarification on any bylaws, please contact the Village office.

Dog Bylaw 387-99

Cat Bylaw 437-07

Business License Bylaw 449-11

Intermunicipal Development Plan 455-13

Council Code of Conduct Bylaw 471-18

Public Notification Bylaw 472-18

Cannabis Consumption Bylaw 475-18

Land Use Bylaw 482-19

Amendment to LUB Feb 2022

Cemetery Bylaw 499-21

Utility Rate April 506-23

Tax Rate Bylaw 508-23

Public Participation Policy 6.1

Water Conservation Measures Bylaw 511-23

Urban Hen Bylaw 512-23

Unsightly property bylaw  515 23

Noise Bylaw 514 23

Traffic Bylaw 510-23


To report a bylaw infraction please contact the Village Office. A Community Peace Officer will then be dispatched to respond to the complaint.