Don’t over water your lawn – Water running down the street means it’s time to shut off the sprinklers

Aim your sprinklers – spraying water onto the road or the sidewalk instead of the grass is wasteful

Water your lawn late at night or early in the morning, avoid watering mid-day when the weather is warmest

Avoid watering on windy days

Keep a rain barrel under your downspouts, use the collected water for watering plants

Don’t use your hose to wash down your driveway, sweep it instead



Keep cold drinking water in the fridge

Don’t use running water to thaw frozen foods

Instead of rinsing your dishes, scrape them into the garbage before you put them into the dishwasher

Use garburator sparingly

Only run “full loads” in your dishwasher



Wash clothes in cold water

Don’t wash clothes unnecessarily, sweaters and jeans can usually be worn multiple times between cleanings

Only use the washing machine when it’s full



Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

Take shorter showers

Put a weighted water bottle in your toilet tank where it won’t interfere with the flushing mechanism. This will fool the toilet into using less water to fill the tank

Don’t flush when unnecessary, throw garbage in the garbage can

Check all faucets and toilets for leaks, replace faulty components with a low-flow model